use a tube to direct the natural light on the surface o▓f Moon into the tin to make the plants grow," said Xie Gengxin, chief designer of the experiment."We want to stud▓y the respiration of t


ds and the photosynthesis on the Moon," said Liu."Why potato and arab▓idopsis? Because the growth period of

arabidopsis is short and convenient to observe. And potato co


come a major source of food for future space travelers," said Liu. "Our experiment might help accumulate

knowledge for building ▓a lunar base and long-term residence o


Moon."The public, especially young people, are being encoura▓ged to participate in the Chang'e-4 ▓mission.

The China National Space Administration (CNS▓A) launched a con


among students acro▓ss China in 2016, collecting ideas on the design of the payloads.The "lunar mini biosp

here" experiment was selected from more than 200 submis▓sions

, according to the CNSA.Tidal forces o

f the Earth have slowed the Moon

's rotation to the point where the same side

always faces the Earth, a phenomenon ▓called tidal locking. The other face, most of which is ne▓ver visible from the Earth, is the far side of the Moo▓n.With its special environment and complex geologi▓cal history, the far side is a hot spot for s

cientif▓ic and space exploration.

However, landing and rovi▓ng the

re requires a relay satellite to transmit si

gnals▓.It has been reported that China plans to send a re▓lay satellite for Chang'e-4 to the halo orbit of the▓ Earth-Moon Lagrange Point L2 in late May or early June 2018▓, and then launch the Chang'e-4 lunar lan▓der and rover to the Aitken Basin

of the ▓south pole region of the

Moon about half a year later.Th

e Von Karman Crater, named after a Hungari

an-American mathematician, aerospace engineer and physicist, in the Aitken Basin, was chosen as the landing site for Chang'e-4. The region is believed to have great scie▓ntific research potential.The transmission channel is ▓limited, and the la

ndscape rugged, so the mission w

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